Our Programs


Grades K-12 will be provided with the goal of high school graduation. IWCW will partner with local universities integrating students into their teaching programs to provide job opportunities.

Those students who are interested in furthering their education will be encouraged to do so building on the relationships established with the local universities.


Both traditional and equine assisted methods will be used to address all issues faced by abuse victims. The program will be overseen by Tsegamlak Worku a licensed marriage and family therapist. Psychotherapy provided by local trained therapists will augment the overall healing process of the women and children.


Music lessons and choral training will be provided as part of a rounded education and ongoing healing process in IWCW’s Music Dept.


The raising of various livestock will provide food for the residents as well as part of the goal of being self-sustained.

Dairy Production

The women will be involved in the production of milk and milk products including butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and other milk by-products. This will also teach job skills and provide work opportunities for IWCWC’s on-going commitment to involve the local universities.

Candle Making

Ethiopia is known as a world leader in the exportation of high quality beeswax. Under the skill and guidance of Nishan Tesfaye candle making will become a valuable tool in the goal of offering job skills for the residents.

Female Hygiene Products

The most common reason for a young girl to drop out of school in Ethiopia is the inaccessibility of menstrual cycle products. For years Nishan Tesfaye has been involved with this issue and will head the instruction and manufacturing of reusable sanitary napkins. The programs goal will be to bring production levels to enable distribution to vast underserved areas of Ethiopia.


A richly diverse farm including an orchard and vegetable garden will supply the majority of food needed to feed the residents and staff. IWCWC will involve the agricultural sciences department of the local university for education and hands on training.

Food Service/Culinary Skills

A variety of skills are needed provide the daily meals for the residents and staff at IWCWC as well as the onsite convention facility services. Partnering with local universities and restaurants all aspects of food service education will be taught from kitchen and wait staff to the mastering of culinary skills. Students will also be in a unique position to utilize the products grown and raised on the facility.